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VOLUNTEER MATRIX was released in 2010 as stand-alone software for scheduling and managing volunteers for events and projects.  But that does not reflect the maturity of  this functionally rich volunteer management & self-scheduling solution as it was developed and implemented as a special module of the web tools offered by Tools for Organizations since 2000.  Now VOLUNTEER MATRIX is available independent of our other web services.
The VOLUNTEER MATRIX was specifically designed to increase efficiency and productivity of an organizations staff while engaging the end user ….. in this case, the volunteer community …. with an intuitive, easy to use way of participating in events or projects that is of interest to them.
While volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity, Tools for Organizations founder and technology developer, Wesley Owens began helping to find ways to make volunteer management functions at the non-profit easier for the volunteers, the coordinators, and the board. Offering web sites and tools for editing and changing those sites by the organization itself, thus removing the expensive and timely IT resource, has made Tools for Organizations well respected in the non-profit world.
Wesley began his career just as the internet and web sites were becoming popular.  In 1997, he started a web consulting business in Austin, Texas and in 2000 changed his business model to serve only non-profits.  These websites helped nonprofits reach more people, raise more money and reduce costs.
Tools for Organizations & Volunteer Matrix currently have over 200 501c3/NGO nonprofit clients in the USA & Canada. Clients include Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Food Banks, Animal Shelters, Churches, Schools and many others.
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Our servers are located at a major data center in Los Angeles, CA with daily backups sent to servers in both Colorado and Texas.

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