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30 Day Free Trial

Note for Free Trial: We do require that you schedule a Personal Demonstration with us. During the Demo (typically on a similar type organizations live system), we will answer any questions you may have and go through some initial configuration options.
Typically, we have your organizations Free Trial site setup and ready for review and customizations within 24 hours of completing the demo.
Limited time only offer - restrictions apply
For a limited time, Volunteer Matrix is offering it's service at 100% no cost to Covid impacted organizations for up to 12 months that meet the following restrictions:
  1. Organization currently has 501c3 status (or equivalent for Canadian orgs)
  2. Organization is currently operational and expects to remain operational during 2021.
  3. Organization mission and operations are 51% or more supporting humans as a direct result of the Covid pandemic. Support to these humans is not limited to any sub-group - so available to the general public.
  4. Organization is willing and able to launch their Volunteer Matrix system before February 1, 2021 (some orgs launch in < 3 days). We have an initial setup feature that guides you through the process quickly and easily.
  5. This offer is limited to the first 100 eligible organizations completing our Free Trial form before January 1, 2021.
    Details of offer - no strings attached
  • Offer available to new Volunteer Matrix clients only.
  • There is absolutely no cost or obligation to the organization. No contract.
  • Includes 100% no cost "normal" support via email, phone and screen sharing.
  • Includes no cost existing data import (including past schedules), use of all connectors to 3rd party providers (ex. Constant Contact, DonorPerfect, SalesForce, etc), etc. (All Volunteer Matrix features and options)
  • The organization volunteer data is available to the organization at all times, and if at any point decides to not continue with Volunteer Matrix may export 100% of volunteer data, schedules, etc.
  • The Volunteer Matrix "package" with this offer is our "Large Organization" - which means no limits within the system of any kind.
  • At the end of the free period (December 31, 2021) - organizations can choose to become Volunteer Matrix paying clients at the normal "package" level as appropriate for your organizations budget ($50 or $100 monthly), or export their data and discontinue. There is no obligation.

Just have a few questions? We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to call us at (808) 982-4174 or email [ email ].

Setup Contact Person

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Organization Information We ask this information for Free Trial users as well since we are configuring the full system for your use.
Enter info below as it will appear to the public and in emails.
You will not get immediate access to the Free Trial site (until after the demo).
A demonstration on the admin side is required (typically 1 hour), so please do fill out the demonstration availability box below.

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And now, saving lives by helping people avoid getting Covid-19
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