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Kiosk Mode

Volunteer Matrix has a what we refer to as a "Kiosk Mode". Simply, this is a on-volunteer-site mode that allows for volunteers to be able to Clock In & Out.
The process for Kiosk mode on site is very simple. It does require you have internet access, and a computer (or iPad, Android pad, etc) with internet browser.
Staff Kiosk Set up Steps
  1. Go to your sites designated Kiosk page in the browser on the computer connected to the internet.
  2. Select the desired project(s) &/or shifts which that computer will allow sign-ins for.
  3. Switch the browser to "full screen" mode (usually by pressing F11). This will prevent any volunteers from using back buttons or trying to visit other websites.

Volunteers Process
    Pre-Registered Volunteers
  • If Name Only Login is used:
    1. Click on your name
    2. Confirm (Custom name tag printed is using that feature)
    3. Automatically logged out, and ready for next volunteer.
  • If regular or express login is used:
    1. Log in
    2. Click begin shift button if previously scheduled, or select shift (if more than one) if not.
    3. Automatically logged out, and ready for next volunteer.
    New Volunteers
  1. Complete your custom usually short registration form.
  2. Click on the desired shift to Clock In to (if more than one available) (Custom name tag printed is using that feature).
  3. Automatically logged out, and ready for next volunteer.

Once clocked in, if you have the kiosk setup for printing of name tags, a pop up appears for them to click the print button
When a volunteer Clocks In via the Kiosk Mode, they are automatically scheduled for the date if they were not already, and "confirmed". If a volunteer Clocks Out, then their actual Clock In & Out times are used. If volunteers do not Clock Out, then they will be automatically Clocked Out at the scheduled volunteer date end time (if desired), or you can set the system to mark them as no-show.
When in Kiosk Mode, you can set the system to enforce your set limit of volunteer numbers, or allow any % above that, or allow all for the date/project/shift.
If a volunteer group is scheduled for that date/project, when volunteers are Clocking In, they are given the opportunity to indicate they are volunteering with their group. If their volunteer record was not previously associated with that group, they are automatically added to the group.
If a group leader Clocks In their group, they are able to change the # of volunteers present, and to check the names of those present.
The system can be set to play a sound (or require staff approvals) on the computer if any volunteer Clocking In has a paper waiver due, is under 18, or is missing any qualification or training required for the shift. If an electronic document is due, the volunteer must accept those documents (electronic waivers) before being able to Clock In.
Each volunteer who is volunteering on a project will automatically be provided a "Express Kiosk Number" in their reminder emails. Each volunteer is able to Clock In just by remembering this 4 digit number, or they can use their normal system login. This number is permanently assigned to each volunteer for use at any Kiosk Mode log in in the future.
If the Kiosk Mode is left open overnight, and there are shifts scheduled for the following day, the system will automatically load the next days shifts and be ready for the first volunteer without re-initiating the Kiosk Mode.
Even if there are no existing volunteer shifts for a project on a date when you want to open a Kiosk Mode session, you are able to create those shifts on the fly during the Kiosk Mode setup.
If a volunteer is pre-scheduled for consecutive shifts in the same day, they do not need to Clock Out and back In. They only need to Clock In once, and Out once (if you require Clock Out).
Of course all Kiosk Mode Clock In & Out times are available to you at any time (including exports), and you can even tell who is Clocked In currently via your dashboard. You staff can also always adjust any volunteers hours as needed.
AND, many more great easy to use and time saving features!
Below are some pics of a Kiosk setup at one of our clients locations:




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