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Automated Emails

Volunteer Matrix automates as much as you want it to, or, none. It's up to you when and how your volunteers are contacted.
All automated emails are specifically branded for your organization, and are sent out in combined HTML & text format to ensure that your volunteers see the information correctly regardless of what email service or program they use.
Automated emails have editable text so that you can add your own custom messages (what to bring, etc), and each can be disabled if desired. The project details are automatically formatted and inserted into emails where appropriate to ensure correctness and readability. Emails related to specific projects can include your sponsors/donors info or logos for increased donor visibility and value. Our system logs all automated emails (you can search), and ensures no duplicates are sent.
  • Welcome/Registration Completed — When a volunteer completes the registration (any of them), they will receive an automatic email welcoming them to you organization. A Welcome email is also sent when added to the system by your staff, or group leaders, which will include a request they complete the registration.
  • Scheduled — When a volunteer schedules themselves for a volunteer date or set of dates, the system will automatically email them all information (address, directions, maps link, work description, etc). Since a volunteer may sign up for multiple dates separately, our system caches their schedule, and only emails it to them 10 minutes after they have had no activity on the site.
  • Reminders — Up to 4 can be set to be send at any of: 1-6 days, 7-14 days, 15-21 days & 22-28 days before their scheduled dates. The system will automatically email volunteer date reminders with all of the volunteers future schedule information.
    If the volunteer is setup for text message reminders, they will be sent a text with their next date & time on the same schedule.
    On a per-project basis, you can have hour before reminders sent via text automatically.
  • Thanks Email — Post volunteering, a "thanks" email can be sent 1-4 days after a volunteers consecutive set of volunteer dates. If you confirm volunteer hours in the system after a volunteer date (add walk ups, mark no-shows, set waiver exp. date, etc), you can manually send the thanks at that time.
  • Happy Birthday & Volunteer Anniversary — These are a great way to reconnect with inactive volunteers without being pushy or intrusive.
  • Changed or Lost Password — Sent as appropriate.


Staff Emails

These can all be individually disabled if desired.
  • "Testing" mode sends a copy of all volunteer automated to your staff to ensure you know what is being sent out.
  • Our system also automatically emails your reports daily (or as appropriate for your schedule) if desired.
  • Reports can be set to be per-project for specific project leaders, or global for all projects.
  • Sign in Sheets can be sent for the next 2 days in printable format &/or spreadsheet.
  • New volunteer notifications
  • Individual and Group cancellation staff notification emails set to # days before their scheduled date. Individuals you may not care, but for group, often you need to know when a group of 30 suddenly drops off your schedule.
  • Volunteer schedule requests pending approval (when approval required feature is used per volunteer/project/volunteer type)
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