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Volunteer Matrix specializes in automating your processes - we don't make you fit in a box. Need an option to pay-to-play? Reserve and pay for housing? Automatically notify parents with a link to complete waivers and payments? Odds are we can incorporate anything that facilitates your process.
Add entire projects to the schedule in a few clicks — Ability to add all volunteer dates and desired volunteer numbers for a project in a single step. Or, you can break it up into sets, and define the details of the expected work on specific dates. Be as detailed or general as you want. You can also have up to 100 different "shifts" per project/event per date (so, unlimited volunteers per date per project/event). These also can have their own shift descriptive text to indicate specific shift details. Or, you can simply have up to 100 different time slots (may overlap). Shifts may be public or private (Access Codes). Flex shifts if used, allow a volunteer to choose their own hours within the time range you specify.
Easy Staff Project/Date cancellation — Your staff can cancel any volunteer dates for any or all projects, or even just a single shift on a date. This will email all volunteers scheduled on the selected projects/dates/shifts. It will remove them from the schedule, and email them both notifying them of the canceled date, and ask them to re-schedule themselves (along with your personally added message). This would be used for weather cancellations and the like. If a volunteer scheduled for the date/project/shift does not have an email address in the system, it will automatically provide you a complete list of all of these volunteers with their phone numbers so you know who needs to be called and canceled.
Volunteer Cancellations — Sometimes volunteer cancellations can come last minute, and unless you really inspect the daily reports, you might miss when last minute cancellations occur. If your staff want to be notified when individual or groups cancel their volunteer dates which they scheduled online, you can set the number of days before a volunteer date when you would be notified of a cancellation. You can set this date separately for Individuals and Groups. So, perhaps if a group cancels their date(s) more than 28 days before their scheduled dates you don't need notification, but if it's less than 28 days before their date, you do want to be notified. As well, volunteer cancellations are held in the system so that you can see who was scheduled, when they canceled, and if you have problems with certain Volunteers repeatedly canceling, take appropriate action (set to approval required, or deny scheduling). As well, automated handling of both repeat canceling volunteers and no show volunteers can manage problem volunteers for you.
Emailing and Texting volunteers by project, date, or group — Your staff can select to email (&/or text message) all volunteers working on any project on any date (last minute details, bring tools, etc) and/or by any other data point (skill, qualification, etc). Unlike most volunteer management software, there is no additional cost for texting capabilities. There is even a automated, interactive 100% text message based volunteering system integrated alongside your web system. Ideal for natural disaster scenarios when basic text and cell service is intact, while data services may not be available. Or for a volunteer who wishes to last minute volunteer, can quickly and easily find out where they are needed.
Volunteer Project Cancellations — allows your staff to notify all registered volunteers by project and date if a volunteer date has been canceled. If a volunteer does not have an email address in the system, it will email you a list of these with their phone numbers so that you can call them if desired.
Time saving features — Throughout the admin tools, 'templates' are provided so that you don't have to retype the same things repeatedly (directions, donor info, etc). Your most complicated project schedules can be saved to templates (or recalled from past dates), and applied to future dates.
And, there's much more than just these. If you are looking for some specific functionality, please just ask!
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